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The goods subject to these general conditions are sold by Valli Roberto Pietro D.I., currently in Piazza della Bilancia 52 – 41011 Campogalliano MO - Italy, P.I. 01687560365; pec:, registered at the Modena Chamber of Commerce at n°234879, owner of the site “”.

The use of our services is permitted only to individuals who are of full age. When referring to “consumers” these are individuals who access the site with a purpose not connected to commercial, professional and business reasons.

The regulations contained in the Legislative Decree n.206 of the 6.9.2005 s.m.i. (“Consumer Code) are applied, as well as those generally provided by ARTESANBAZAR in the Legislative Decree n.70 of the 9.4.2003 on the services of information society and electronic commerce.

These general conditions could be subject to amendments and updates. Every revision and/or update will be regularly published on our web site, and they will be effective from the date of publication.

In the case of a variation of our general conditions, the new updates will be applied on your order.

Pursuant to the 2011/83/UE guidelines, we ask our user to carefully read the conditions made available for everyone on our site.

We ask for consultation of the “Consumer Code” available here and addition, for our users to print a copy of the general conditions and/or memorize them on any other durable medium.



The use of our services is restricted only to the users who:

a) accept our general conditions

b) read the information related to the processing of personal data;

Pursuant to the Article 7 and 12 of the Legislative Decree n.70 of the 9.4.2003, the Reseller informs the users of the following:

- the Reseller business is performed thanks to ads on his site which he does not possess physically in his stockroom (dropshipping model) with the purpose of giving the final buyer the possibility to buy online artisanal high-end products.

The General Conditions will be applied to future services, which could be made available by the Reseller, unless it is otherwise provided on registration or upon the first delivery of the new service.


1.1. With the term “Reseller” we are talking about the entity which is being lent and the the sales service.

1.2. With the term “Buyer” we are referring to the individual person/consumer who buys, with purposes not related to commercial, professional and business reasons.

1.3. With the term “Provider”/”Supplier” we are referring to the producer whose product is advertised on the site.

1.4. With the expression “online sales contract” we are referring to the purchase contract related to the physical goods made available by the reseller, stipulated between him and the supplier within a selling system through telematic devices organized by the Reseller.


2.1. With this, respectively, the Reseller sells and the Buyer buys using telematic devices, the goods shown and offered on the site.


3.1. The contract between the Reseller and the Buyer will only be concluded via internet through logging in at the address, following the shown procedures, where the Buyer can formalize the proposal of buying the goods.


4.1. The yer has to save the products he wants to buy in the “basket”. The purchase contract is finalized by completing the application form and the agreement of purchase online, through completing the form enclosed to the electronic catalogue available at the address, and by sending said form, prior displayed on the summary of the order, printable, in which all the sales terms are shown, information about the buyer and the order, the price of the goods, and any further charges, the means and terms of payments, the address where the goods are going to be shipped, the delivery time, and a brief summary of Article 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code and Article 34 of the Consumer code, return and privacy policy.

4.2. The purchase contract establishes a final commitment on behalf of the buyer, which can be debated only in the case intended by the “right of return” and “delivery modality”.

4.3. As soon as the Reseller receives the order, he must ensure the forwarding of a confirming e-mail that the order has been received or by visualizing a confirmation page that summarizes the order and can be printed.

4.4. The buyer will promise to verify the truthfulness of the data entered when confirming the order, and to communicate to the Reseller within 24 hours, eventual changes. Charges applied because of mistakes related to wrong data, not communicated to us, will be charged to the buyer.

4.5. The Reseller reserves the right to accept or decline an order that is not correct or fully completed, in the case of the products not being available or in specific geographical areas.

The Reseller will communicate the impossibility to accept an order within 2 working days from the following working day in which the buyer submitted the order and will provide, within 7 days, to reimburse any amount paid by the buyer.

4.6. In case the payment wasn’t received by the Reseller, he reserves the right to decline the order, prior communication via e-mail to the buyer.

4.7. The number of the order generated by the system and communicated to the Reseller, will need to be used in any further message.

4.8. In the proper personal section “My account”, the buyer can visualize open orders, recently shipped and concluded orders, also manage and save personal data and as well as subscribing to our newsletter.


5.1. Each payment can only be made using one of the methods stated by the Reseller on his web site.

5.2. Eventual refunds to the buyer will be accredited using one of the methods stated by the Reseller, and chosen by the buyer, in a prompt way (and within 30 days of communication of the method of refund) and, in case of withdrawal, as stated in clause 9, point 2 and following the present contract, within a maximum of 30 days from the date the Reseller has been informed of the withdrawal .

5.3. Any information related to payment take place on a safe line protected by encryption. The reseller will guarantee storage of this information with a further level of encryption as stated in the laws regarding protection of personal data.

5.4. Simultaneously to the confirmation of the order, the price of the goods will be charged to the buyer.


6.1. All prices exposed and specified on the web page, are expressed in euro and establishes and offer to the public in context of Article 1336 c.c.

6.2. In the exposed prices, VAT is included with any other eventual tax. Shipping fees and other charges (e.g.: custom clearance), if unveiled, even if not included in the purchase price, need to be indicated and calculated in the buying procedure before sending the order from the buyer, and also contained on the summary page.

6.3 The prices shown for each of the goods offered to the audience are valid until the date shown on the catalogue.

6.4. The published prices can change at any time and the Reseller claims the right to change them at any time without warning.

6.5. The price shown on the product will be applied at the moment the order is made, without considering past offers or changes in price applied in the future.

6.6. In case of the price published being wrong, the Reseller claims the right to decline an order, giving up the sale of said product.


7.1. If the goods, ordered from the web site, are going to be shipped overseas, they could be subject to custom duties and importation fees, payable from the moment the order reaches said destination.

Any additional cost for custom duties are charged to the buyer, given that it’s impossible for us to calculate the amount of said costs. They are different from country to country.

Our clients and our suppliers need to know that deliveries outside our country territory are being controlled from the customs authority, and from the moment you order from outside your country you’re considered an importer, and therefore asked to read and to comply with the laws of their country.


8.1. On our site the products are represented in the best way possible. However there could be some mistakes, imprecisions, or slight differences between the picture, and the real product.

8.2. The Reseller ensures through the telematic system he uses in the processing of the order without delay and for this purpose shown in real time, in his own electronic catalogue. The number of products available and the ones custom-made, notified by the statement “product manufactured in ... days”, as well as the delivery time specified in the proper page Delivery.

Availability of the products shown at the moment of the order is purely illustrative as, the simultaneous presence of other users on the site, they could be sold before confirming your order.

8.3. In case of a product unavailable being sold, the Reseller will ensure a refund (on the card used to pay or on the PayPal account specified for the purchase or via transfer, where the information has to be notified after the registration) of the paid amount.

8.4. If the order exceeds the quantity existing in the supplier stockroom, the Reseller will communicate it to the buyer, within 5 working days from the purchase, at the e-mail address associated to your profile, the accidental unavailability of one or more purchased products and, in addition, communicate the date from which the will be available again.

8.5. The Reseller computer system will confirm as quickly as possible the order has been received, by forwarding an e-mail to the user, in the context of point 4.3.

8.6. In the event of unavailability of one or more products after an order of different products is placed, the buyer is not granted the right of cancellation of the whole order.

8.7. In case products explicitly described as “available on demand” the Reseller will communicate to the buyer the terms and procedure as referred to point 8.4 the date in which the product will be available and dispatched.


9.1. The products will be shipped only after the Reseller has received payment.

9.2. The shipping will be followed by the supplier also through a specialized transporter (bank holidays excluded).

9.3. The supplier will ship the selected and ordered products with the procedure chosen by the buyer or as indicated at the moment of the offer, as confirmed in the e-mail in point 4.3.

9.4. The shipment time could vary by the day of order to a maximum of 5 working days from the confirmation. In the event the supplier will not be able to ship the order on the said deadline, we will send you the specifications indicated in the previous article 8.2 in relation to what can be found on the “Delivery” page.

9.5. At the moment of the delivery the presence of the buyer or a designated appointee is requested to check the integrity of the order.

In the event of visible defect (also by the packaging), the buyer or the appointee, can point it out in the transport document and contact the Reseller at the e-mail address within 8 working days from the delivery. As not expressly included, we refer to you what is stated in the regulation 1999/44/CE and in subsequence. 

9.6. In the event of missed delivery because of the absence of the buyeyer at his address, the carrier will leave a note to certify the delivery attempt. The purchased products will be left at the carrier deposit for a period of time specified by the carrier. Past this time frame the products will be returned to the supplier who will also inform the Reseller; the latter will inform the buyer of the missed delivery and the necessity to release the stock to be delivered as soon as possible.

If the notice is ignored, after 20 working days from the date of delivery the products will be re-delivered to the supplier, the purchase contract will be cancelled as stated in Article 1456 c.c.

The Reseller will provide to return the paid amount to the buyer after deducting the expenses.

The cancellation of the purchase contract and the refund amount will be communicated to the buyer via e-mail.

9.7. The Reseller can not be considered responsible for mistakes during delivery because of errors or incompleteness of the order and can not be considered responsible for damages occurred to the products after they have been assigned to the carrier, neither for delays in the delivery because of this.


10.1. The Reseller has no responsibility for any malfunction caused by accident and/or by unavoidable circumstances, in the event that he can’t execute the order on the deadline predicted.

10.2. The Reseller can not be considered responsible towards the buyer, unless there are deceptions or serious mistakes, because of inefficiency or malfunction connected to the use of internet outside his control and of his suppliers.

10.3. The Reseller will also not be responsible for damages, loss and charges suffered from the buyer following the unsuccessful execution of the contract for causes not related to him, having the buyer the exclusive right of the entire return and refund of the equivalent price and eventual charges sustained.

10.4. The Reseller does not assume responsibility for any eventual fraudulent use made by third parties of credit cards, cheques and other means of payments, at the moment of payment, if shown that all precautions have been made to prevent any problem.

10.5. The Reseller will not be considered responsible for delay and miscarriage of payment if proved that the payment was made at the time and means shown by the Reseller.


11.1. According to the Article 114 of the Code of the Consumer, the Reseller is responsible for any damages caused by defective products, within 3 months from the request of the communication if the suppliers identity and address is omitted.

11.2. The above request, on behalf of the damaged individual, has to be made by in writing and has to specify the damaged product, the place and date of purchase; and also has to show the offer of the product if still available.

11.3. The Reseller can not be considered responsible for consequences derived by a damaged product if the defect is caused by non conformity to legal standards, if the scientific knowledge and techniques, at the moment the supplier provided the product, did not allow the product to be considered as defective.

11.4. No compensation is owed if the buyer was aware of a product being flawed and the danger that could be derived and still voluntarily exposed to this.

11.5. Either way the damage has to be proven, both the defect, the damage and the casual connection between them.

11.6. The damaged can ask for compensation for damages that caused death or personal damages from the destruction or wear of the product, so be it to the normal and private use of the object and so used by the damaged.

11.7. The damage to things as in Article 123 of the Consumer Code, will nevertheless be indemnified for an amount not above three hundred and eighty-seven euro (387€).


12.1. The description and images on the site are conformable to what the ArtesanBazar supplier has expressed. The descriptive photos and videos of the products are published on our site for your information, considering that the quality of images, including the display of the colours, can vary from the software and device used by the buyer at the moment of connection to the site. ArtesanBazar takes no responsibility for problems caused by the buyer from the use of the site and technologies used as not dependent of their will.


13.1. To take advantage of the guarantee it’s necessary to exhibit purchase documents.

13.2. As the products are described, advertised and commercialized exclusively as instructed by the supplier, The Reseller, is not responsible for the missed match between the ordered product and the description on the site, and the missed match derived from a mistake of description from the supplier.

In the event of the delivery of different objects from the ones ordered the buyer has to communicate this via e-mail to the Reseller within 5 days of the delivery at, specifying if exchange or reimbursement is preferred. Over said time the product is considered accepted, except if intended in point 8.5 for reasons such as defects of products.

13.3 The Reseller responds for each defect of conformity, already existing at the moment of delivery as specified in point 13.6, which manifests within 2 years from the delivery date, as long as the buyer points that out within 2 months he discovers the problem.

13.4. Based on the contract it is presumed that the goods are conformed to the contract if the following circumstances co-exist:

a) they are suitable to the use they are supposed to be for

b) if they’re conformed to the description made by the seller and they possess the quality of the goods the seller has presented to the buyer as a sample or model.

c) they showcase the usual quality and performance of goods of the same type, that the consumer can reasonably expect, mindful of the goods nature, and public declaration made about the features of the goods by the seller, the supplier or his agent or representative, particularly in advertisements and/or labelling.

d) they’re fit for the used asked by the buyer, and the seller from him informed before ending the contract.

13.5. The buyer will decline his rights from the moment he does not declare to the Reseller the defect within the deadline of 2 months from the date the problem has been discovered. If the existence of the defect is acknowledged by the Reseller, a written notification is not required

13.6. Either way, until proven otherwise, it is presumed that defects of conformity that manifest within 6 months of the delivery date of the goods already existed, unless such theory is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the conformity defect.

13.7. In the event of a faulty product, the buyer can ask, alternatively and without charge, to the following terms, the fixing or the exchange of the purchased goods, at a reduction of price on the purchased goods or termination of the agreement, as long as the demand will not be objectively impossible to satisfy that is for the Reseller and/or supplier overly expensive according to Article 130, paragraph 4, of the Consumer code.

13.8. The request has to be in written form, through recorded mail or through certified e-mail, to the Reseller, who will then announce his availability to carry out the request, or otherwise state the reason he can not do that, within 7 working days from receiving said mail. In the same communication, where the Reseller accepted the buyers request, he has to state the means of shipping or return of the goods, as well as the expected deadline for the return or exchange of the faulty goods. In case the buyer asked for fixing the product, the Reseller will then communicate the address of the supplier.

13.9. If the fixing and/or exchange is impossible, overly expensive, or the Reseller/Supplier have not provided for the fixing/exchange of the goods in the determined deadline as explained in the prior point, or, at last, the fixing or replacement formerly done caused significant inconvenience to the buyer, he can request, by his choice, an adequate reduction of the price or the termination of the agreement. The buyer has to communicate his request to the Reseller, which will then inform about his availability to carry out the request otherwise the reason he can not do that, within 7 working days from receiving said inquiry.

13.10. In the same request, where the Reseller accepted the inquiry, the buyer has to specify the proposed reduction on the price and the modality of returning the faulty product. It is then the buyers responsibility to communicate the modality to re-credit the amount formerly paid to the Reseller.

13.11. As the Reseller doesn’t have the availability of the sold products, he, as long as he respects the obligation and responsibility under the laws, only to execute the role of intermediary between the buyer and supplier of the product, to whom all guarantee obligation and faulty products responsibility are dependent. Therefore, once the communication above described has been sent and the buyer received the address of the supplier, he is entitled to claim his rights towards him, taking only responsibility to communicate his decision to the Reseller.

13.12. For more information on the after sale services the buyer can appeal to the customer care service writing to .


14.1. The buyer promises to pay the price of the purchased products in the terms and means described in the agreement.

14.2. The buyer promises, once the on line buying procedure has been concluded, to print and preserve a copy of said agreement.

14.3. The information contained in this contract have already been viewed and accepted by the buyer, as this step is compulsory before confirming the purchase.


15.1. According to the rules laid down by Directive 2011/83/UE the buyer, as a consumer (see Art. 2) has the right to withdraw (Art. 52 and following of the Consumer Code) the purchase of the goods, without any penalty and without a specific reason within 14 days starting from the date of delivery, using the procedure of “manage returns” on the site.

15.2. In the event the Reseller did not satisfy the obligation of informing on the existence, process and return time or withhold of the goods in case of right of withdrawal as explained in Art. 52 Consumer Code, the deadline for operation of the right of withdrawal is of 90 days starting from the date of delivery.

15.3. In case the buyer wants to take advantage of the right of withdrawal, he has to notify it to the Reseller through recorded mail to the addressArtesanbazar, Piazza della Bilancia 52 – 41011 Campogalliano (MO) Italy, or by fax at the number (+39) 059 528330 or via e-mail at the address, as long as the said communication has been confirmed with the sending of the recorded mail at the above address within the following 48 hours or through certified e-mail at the address:

The buyer has to report the order number, of the product or products on which he wants to exert his rights, the date of the order, the number of the invoice, your bank details (IBAN), or by showing any other declaration of your intention of receding the agreement.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract, you can replace sending the communication by returning the purchased goods. The date the product was left at the post office or the shipment date will act as a proof.

15.4. The re-delivery of the goods have to take place at latest within 28 days from the date the product has been received. Either way, to take advantage of the right of reimbursement, the goods have to be redelivered untouched and in ordinary state of preservation.

The re-delivery of the goods is the responsibility of the buyer.

In the event the goods don’t reflect what above is described, the right of withdrawal will be refused and the Reseller will communicate it to the buyer and send back the goods charging the shipment fees.

15.5 Without prejudice to the right to verify compliance with the above the Reseller will provide free of charge to refund the entire amount paid by the buyer within 30 days from receiving notice of withdrawal, without prejudice of the right of the Reseller to keep the refund until receiving the products or the buyer didn’t prove that the products object of the withdrawal have been returned.

15.6. The only expenses due to the consumer for the exercise of the right of withdrawal under this article are the direct expenses of return to the Reseller, unless the Reseller decides to take them on.

15.7. With the receipt of the notification with which the buyer communicates the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the parties subject to this contract are dissolved from mutual obligations, except as provided in the previous points of this article.

15.8. The right of withdrawal above intended is not applied on tailor-made products or clearly personalized or that, by their nature, can not be returned or that are liable to deteriorate or that quickly perish, or for sanitary or health issues.


16.1. Within the meaning of Article 12 of the legislative Decree 70/2003, the Reseller informs the buyer that each order is kept in digital/written form on server/at the office of the Reseller, in accordance with safety and confidentiality criteria.


17.1. The agreement consists in the following documents:

- the terms of sale therein included the clause specifically and separately approved at the end;

- order confirmation;

- consent form for processing of personal data.

The photo of the products included on the site, are not a part of the contract as they are merely and symbolically representative of the product subject to the purchase.


18.1. We inform that the site, as well as all the brands and distinctive signs used towards the sale of the proposed products, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights applicable, and that it is forbidden any sort of reproduction, distribution, communication, publication, alteration or transformation, in any form and for any purpose they occur.

18.2. ArtesanBazar reserves the right to take legal action to protect these aspects. ArtesanBazar takes no responsibility for the brands and other distinctive signs that appear on the products marketed on the site, against which the buyer will not acquire any right as a result of the conclusion of the contract.


19.1. Written communication directed to the Reseller and eventual complaints are recognised only if sent to the address: Artesanbazar, Piazza della Bilancia 52, 41011 Campogalliano (MO) Italy, or if transmitted via fax at the number (+39) 059 528330 or submitted to the following e-mail address:

The buyer will submit on the registration form his residence or domicile, telephone number or e-mail address at which he would like the information and notifications to be sent.


20.1. All disputes between the present agreement will first be devolved in an attempt at conciliation among the Mediating Agency of the Chamber of Commerce which has territorial jurisdiction and solved based on the conciliation regulations adopted.

20.2. Where the parties intend the local court, the competent court is the one where they live or their permanent domicile, within the meaning of Article 33, paragraph 2, letter u) Consumer code


21.1. The present contract is regulated by Italian law.

21.2. As here is not expressly provided, the applicable laws to the relationship are valid and to the cases referred in the contract, particularly in Article 5 of the Rome Convention of the 3.19.1980 pursuant to Article 60 of the Consumer Code, is here expressly drawn in the regulation Part III, Title III, Chapter I of the Consumer Code.



Specific approvals and subscriptions pursuant to Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code and Article 34 of the Code of Consume.











The personal data shared by the user of our web site “” at the moment of compiling the form, order, query or request, or through the e-mail correspondence, will be acquired and treated by: Valli Roberto Pietro D.I., currently in Piazza della Bilancia 52 – 41011 Campogalliano MO - Italy, P.I. 01687560365; pec:, registered at the Modena Chamber of Commerce at n°234879, owner of the site “”.

Processing of your personal data carried out by Valli Roberto Pietro D.I. will be subject to Italian laws (Legislative Decree n. 196/03).

Information on the processing of personal data:

All personal data will be processed by Valli Roberto Pietro D.I. to allow the user to register to the site, to send newsletters about our promotional sales campaign, and other periodic messages related to offers and services; to carry out statistical and market analysis; to execute and manage the purchase agreement eventually concluded with the client, the fulfilments, legal or financial and accounting problems, connected to it.

Entering your personal data is optional; however, the lack of some data (marked by an asterisk) prevent the web site from providing you with the requested service, or to end the agreement.

The processing of your personal data is carried out by an appointee with the use of manual, electronical and telematic tools suitable to guarantee your safety and confidentiality.

Personal data will be memorized both on computer and paper documents, where necessary. It will also be backed up on the database property of Valli Roberto Pietro D.I. and only be available to the people working inside the company. Personal data can also be transmitted to external subject: commercial partners of Valli Roberto Pietro D.I and to who is appointed to the activity of logistics, shipping, delivery and return of the purchased products; to the banks, to manage the cash in and payments, including the supplier of electronical payments; consultant and associate designated by Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. to provide (but not limited to) support financial, legal and accounting topics, as long as this appointee does not proceed to communicate to third parties users information; to the provider of the service for the informative management and communication networks by Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. also on behalf of our customers.

If Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. acts as an intermediary, personal data will be communicated to the supplier, which will treat them in compliancy of his own confidentiality policy, and will be responsible of the processing.


With the approval of this information, the user accepts our confidentiality policy and authorizes Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. to process their personal data acquired accordingly to the purpose specified. The user can give his agreement to receive advertisements of the products of Valli Roberto Pietro D.I.

Rights of admission, correction, cancellation and opposition:

It is up to the involved person to use the right of admission, correction, cancellation and opposition provided in their favour by the applicable legislation, and particularly to Valli Roberto Pietro D.I., established in Article 7 in the legislative decree n. 196/03. Valli Roberto Pietro D.I. allows the person involved the right to obtain the cancellation of his personal data. In this case, Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. can still keep some of the data for use in the case of application of any legal and financial duty. To exercise your statutory rights, above described, you can simply send an e-mail to or write to Valli Roberto Pietro D.I., Piazza della Bilancia 52 – 41011 Campogalliano MO.

Personal data content:

The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data transmitted to us. Valli Roberto Pietro D.I. assumes the data is stated by the user or by someone authorized.

Safety of your personal data:

According to the operative legislation on safety of data, Valli Roberto Pietri D.I. followed adequate measures to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of personal data given by the users, and on top of that installed all the means provided to prevent the loss, manipulation, alteration, non-authorized access and theft of the information.

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When these kind of plugins are used on our web site, the browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers, and sends this information to Facebook. This happens independently to the fact that you are a member or not of Facebook, which you have logged in on our site as a Facebook member or you click on the plugin. If you are a Facebook member and are connected to it while you’re on our web site, Facebook will assign the visit to your account even if you don’t click on the plugin. If instead you click on the plugin, this information will be transmitted to your Facebook account and memorized. The reason and field of why this information is transmitted to Facebook are beyond our control. We don’t know which of your data will be transmitted to Facebook and neither why they are using them. Your IP address, your Facebook information on the visited web site, the date and time of the visit and other information about your data are included.

Your identification code of access will also be transmitted to Facebook if you visit while you’re logged in. If you want to prevent the transmission of your data by the plugins, you need to log out from Facebook. More information will be available on the following link: We suggest you to make reference to the Facebook Privacy Notice for more information about collection, storage and use of your personal data on behalf of Facebook, as well as managing your configuration available to protect your personal data (

The use of cookies:

The users are not asked to give personal information, neither are they forced to do so, while visiting our web site. To use our web site it’s essential the use of cookies (a cluster of data preserved on a hard-disk, or in the temporary storage of your computer, when you access certain web sites), in order to improve the service offered by the page. The information can only be read by the web site that transmitted the cookies to your device. Normally, the cookies are used for statistical purpose and to analyze the behaviour of its users. These cookies are automatically installed in the users computer but they do not keep any type of information about them, because they’re anonymous. The information kept by ARTESANBAZAR via cookies, consists of a number to identify the user, as well as the language of the browser and the date on which the cookie has been registered.

ARTESANBAZAR could also register an IP address, to identify the computer used to access the web page, to perform a diagnosis about any problems with your server, to manage our own web page and analyzing our users trends.

This will allow us to identify the user during their following visits, to better our web site and offer you a more personalized service. Basically, the cookies transmitted to our web page allow us the following: to perform a projection of the numbers and the usage modality; to save information about our users’ tastes and adapt our page to said preferences; to speed up the page searches; identify the user when he connects to the site, unless the access from a different computer from which he registered with e-mail and password. In case you don’t want to be remembered as an ARTESANBAZAR user by your computer, you just have to tick the box “close session” every time you leave our page;otherwise, every time you log in with the same computer, you will be automatically remembered without using your username and password.

If you wish, you can set up your browser to block cookies and prevent them being installed on your computer. However, if you decide to do so, it’s possible that you’ll be kept from accessing some pages on our site and/or use some of our services. For more information about this subject you can refer to the instructions and manual of your browser.

Our privacy policy and terms of service are regularly revised and updated. Updates of our privacy policy will be published on our web site and any modifications will be effective from the moment they are published, so we recommend that you check this page regularly.