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1. Registraration and account management
2. Orders and deliveries
3. Returns
4. Reliability of ARTESANBAZAR
5. Technical issues

1. Registration and account management

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Forgetting your password doesn’t involve any problems: you just need to click on Login (on the top right side) and choose the option “Forgotten your password?”. You’ll receive an e-mail containing a link where you can assign a new password to your account.

How are my personal data processed?
ARTESANBAZAR gives great importance to the safety of your personal data and the need to treat them according to the strictest legislative requirement (Legislative Decree n.196/03).
In order to obtain the rights provided from the legal clause 7 from the Privacy Policy, the costumer can e-mail us at: .

2. Orders and deliveries

How can I place an order on ARTESANBAZAR?
Placing and order is really easy. If you have already selected a product, after adding it to the basket click on the “Add to basket” button. A recapitulatory tab will open: click on the “Proceed with checkout” button. The first time you’ll buy from us, we’ll ask you some personal data, so that we can memorize them and simplify your next purchase. If your delivery address is different from your billing address, you can state that too. After entering your data, you now have to pay choosing your preferred payment method, through the PayPal safe circuit. After confirming and accepting our terms and sales clause, it’ll be possible to deliver your order. You will later receive and e-mail confirming shipping of your parcel.

Which are the available payment methods?
ARTESANBAZAR offers you differents payment methods, and allows you to pay through the most used credit card circuit. Safety is a priority for ARTESANBAZAR, and your information will be encrypted. You can easily pay with:
•    Credit card;
•    Prepaid card;
•    PayPal.

Is it possible to choose the payment method during the checkout procedure?
Payment made with credit or debit card need to be confirmed by us and by the card issuer, so to protect your safety and prevent frauds.
We ask you to remember that it’s possible for us to send dispatch your order only after verify the receiving the payment.

How long does it take carry out my order?
The time it takes us to fully carry out your order is based on the manufacturing time (where it’s needed) and by the delivery time described by each producer.
You can verify the production time by clicking on the chosen product: on the side of the image you can read “Product manufactured in … days by …”. You can also verify the delivery time by checking the entry on our site.
The chosen product will eventually be placed in production, therefore the delivery time is the result of an artisanal process that requires attention to details for a satisfying product.
ARTESANBAZAR will be committed to respect the estimate delivery time transmitted to you, however if any unexpected accident takes place during the handling of your order, you will be informed by our team. For any doubt and/or question you can always write us at: .

Do you ship outside Italy?
Of course we do, ARTESANBAZAR can deliver everywhere in the world!

Who will handle the shipping of my parcel?
ARTESANBAZAR guarantee an easy and enjoyable way of shopping, even when it comes to shipping! Your order will be handled by the artisan that produces your order.

What to do when the order arrives
We suggest you check some things when you receive your order: it’s best for you to check the number of the products is the same as the number showed on the shipment note, verify the products are intact and that there are no sign of anomaly inside your order. If anything is wrong with the products, it’s necessary you state the caption “received unchecked/accettazione con riserva” while you’re signing the delivery note and later send us an e-mail at:

Customs Duties
Artesanbazar is not responsible for charged expenses as customs duties on items sold abroad where customs duties are applicable. Artesanbazar’s shipping costs are referred  to the shipping and delivery costs of the goods.

How can I contact you for support on your products?
For any need, requirement and compin about the products, you can contact ARTESANBAZAR writing to our e-mail address:

3. Returns

When can I ask to return and claim a refund for my order?
No problem! If by any circumstances you’re not happy with your order, you can claim for a refund and return your order in a quick and easy way.

What can I return and how much time do I have?
You can return one or more products by communicate the intention within 14 days from the delivery day. You can find more information on the Easy Return page.

4. Reliability of ARTESANBAZAR

Who can guarantee for the professionalism of ARTESANBAZAR?

ARTESANBAZAR is project of the business company SKEMA RESEARCH by Roberto Pietro Valli, established by a young team of interior design enthusiastic.

We can guarantee the maximum trustworthiness and support for each stage of your purchase, order management and possible returns.

ARTESANBAZAR will be committed to respect the estimate delivery time transmitted to you, however if any unexpected accident takes place during the handling of your order, you will be promptly informed. We dedicate a lot of attention to our costumer needs before and after the purchase. You can always expect an answer! For further information on ARTESANBAZAR click here.

5. Technical issues

I have a problem. Who can I contact?

We wish for our costumer the easiest and most enjoyable shopping experience, but we know that sometimes some problems can happen. You can simply send us an e-mail at: . We will reply within 24 working hours.

I have technical issues with the site

For any problems we recommend you make sure that our operative system (e.g.: Windows Vista, Mac OS X) is updated and has the latest patch.

If you’re still experiencing problems, send an e-mail at:, specifying if possible:

• Operating system (e.g.: Windows XP, Mac OS X)
• Internet browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Safari)
• Description of the problem observed.